Personalized Eagle Double Flame Rubberised Torch Lighter

Are you looking for a high-quality, inexpensive lighter? Well look no further! The Eagle Double Flame Torch Lighter refillable and adjustable and comes with a one-year warranty. Fill it with ultra-filtered butane and you will enjoy years of worry-free lights. It is small, light-weight, rubberized, and fits perfectly in your pocket for all of your on-the-go needs. We print each lighter in Tampa, FL using UV cured ink. This unique process means the print won't rub off after a couple of uses! The print, just like the lighter, is designed to hold up for years to come.

  • PRINTED IN THE USA: We custom print each lighter here in Tampa, FL.
  • REFILLABLE/ADJUSTABLE: This lighter is refillable and reusable. Use ultra filtered butane for best results.
  • RUBBERISED BODY: No fumbling with this lighter!
  • GREAT GROOMSMAN GIFT: Instead of the typical cuff-links or flask, get him a gift he will actually use!
  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY: If the lighter malfunctions just let us know and we will replace it!

**Since this item is personalized, it will take additional processing time and is not returnable**

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Doesn’t work

Stylish looking lighter but doesn’t light. Filled with fuel and sparks but doesn’t hold flame. Could be defective but can’t rate above one star as it doesn’t work

Matthew Trujillo

Personalized Eagle Double Flame Rubberised Torch Lighter


I purchased three of these. After initial lighting on all four, 3 do not work and will not take fuel. One worked for three cigars and then it quit! Not good and sorry I bought these!

John M Byrd
Nice initials

I have only used this lighters twice. Really difficult to hold the button down in the flame is too short. It's been collecting dust for a few months. Too bad it has my initials on it, or I could give it away.

Brian Semb

I bought two of these, when they came in I was excited to use them. When I tried them neither one would work. Glad I didn't pay a lot for them.