The Custom Ash Siesta Aluminum Cigar Stand

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“You want to put your cigar where? I don’t think so, pal.”

Nope, it’s not an Oval Office recording from the late 90s, it’s what you say just before you pull out the world’s finest cigar stand:

The Custom Ash Siesta.

No more putting your cigar on the ground, the table, or the ledge. It’s time to step things up a bit and place cigars in the position of respect and protection they deserve.

The Siesta helps you ensure that your cigar continues burning evenly while at rest. That way, you can head off to do whatever it is the wife is squawking about, and return to a nice cigar that you can appreciate as you mull over the joys of matrimony.

The Siesta comes in two finishes: black anodized and polished silver, and it’s built from a single billet, not casings, so it will outlast both the smoke and the smoker.

Essentially, what we’re saying is: it’s time to put your smoke on a pedestal, friends. Essentially, what we’re saying is: it’s time to put your smoke on a pedestal, friends.

  • Holds Most Size Cigars
  • Weighted Bottom For Extra Sturdy Design

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Good choice of Rest

The Siesta Aluminum Cigar Stan is not a bad choice when buying a rest for your cigars. It is elegant, shines like silver, it fist on most cigar cases (like my leather Puro Prestige travel case, which comes with an almost identical rest, so it fits the same place.

Also good looking for showing your cigars in a pedestal haha, if you have the money to buy several, which make them a bit too expensive maybe.

A classy accessory

I ordered this from UK and it was delivered very fast. I was unhappy with the finish and Coral from CheapHumidors not only gave me a partial refund, but a discount on my next order. All in all, a sterling service. It is lovely to honour a fine cigar with this stand and I often find it a great conversation point. it gets its photo taken and , due to the attention it creates. More than my sweaty face does, as more

often than not, people ignore me.

Love the finish

I think that maybe there should be a couple more finishes to choose from.. Amazing product!


Finally a solution to my problems, this stand is deep enough to accommodate all the way up to a 70 Ring gauge!!! I'm very impressed, great quality, and great service!

I even had an issue with the finish on my stand, so I called the manufacturer direct and they sent me a new one, no hesitation! A+++

Thanks cheap humidors!

Love these stands!!!

I now have both the black and silver cigar stands. I love having a stand to place my cigars on when I have one. It is one way of highlighting your good feelings (as if the cigar was not enough).