The Pompeii Inlay Glass Top Cigar Humidor

This humidor is a real glass act (bad pun). It has a beautiful beveled glass top, front mounted glass hygrometer, real wood inlay on the front, top and sides, and tons of other goodies. What I like about this humidor is how classy it looks, especially sitting on the table under my Dogs Playing Poker picture. Take a look around and you will see these humidors selling for $150 or more. You wont pay that much with us. These are all brand units shipped factory fresh to your door. This high gloss humidor is just gorgeous.

  • SureSeal Technology Standard
  • Holds up to 120 Cigars
  • 1 Large Rectangle Humidifier in Spanish cedar holder
  • 1 Front Mounted Glass Hygrometer with Brass Frame
  • 1 Spanish Cedar Tray with Divider
  • 2 Dividers at Bottom
  • Lined with Premium Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar
  • Gold Plated Lock & Key with Tassel and Hidden Quadrant & Piano Hinges
  • Engraveable Brass Nameplate
  • Scratch Resistant Felt Lined Bottom
  • Rich High Gloss Cherry Finish with Elaborate Multi-Wooden Inlay

Item is shipped directly from our supplier (FL) and will take additional processing time

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Pure Class

Dynamite looks. Not the tightest seal, but keeps my Cubans at 68-69% Rh...with 72% Bovedas. Had the glass etched, great touch...spend the extra few $'ll be glad you did. is very easy to do business with. Will always be my go-to shop for my Humies.

Couldn't have asked for anything More........."OUTSTANDING"!

I received my humidor today. Right out of the box, it looked AMAZING! I had the glass inlay on the lid engraved. I sent Kayla the image that I wanted and she took care of the rest. The engraving came out beautifully and only adds to the craftsmanship of the humidor. The humidor by itself looks very, very nice. Even better than the pictures. With the engraving on the glass inlay, I have a one of a kind humidor. One that will get a lot of attention from my buddies. I couldn't have hoped or asked for a better outcome. I am 100% satisfied. Working with Kayla on the design of the engraving made the whole process very easy. I will definitely refer anyone looking for a great humidor to Cheaphumidors. I'm sure that they WILL NOT be disappointed.

Joseph E
Amazing quality!

I wanted to present a retirement gift to an associate and the gift needed to be more than another "dust catching memento." The gift needed to be representative of a long and successful career. I wanted to present a gift that was not only respectful, thoughtful and memorable, I wanted to present a gift that was functional. My desire was to (on a daily basis) remind the retiree how unique his accomplishments were and much he was appreciated. This etched glass top humidor fit all the requirements.

The humidor is absolutely beautiful and I couldn't be happier with service I received in regards to the custom glass etching. I would recommend "" to anyone in market for a great gift - whether its a gift for a friend or for them self. There is nothing "CHEAP" about this humidor except the price. Amazing!

Great deal on a very nice humidor

I had finally overgrown my original humidor from and after spending quite a bit of time browsing the site and reading reviews decided on this humidor. I have waiting a few weeks to make sure that I'm still thrilled with it. I am. :-)

The seal is great and the Hydra Electronic Humidifier that I purchased as an option has done a great job of keeping the humidity right where I like it.

The only negative I can see is that even though the Hydra was listed as an add on, the tray from the humidor doesn't fit if you use the Hydra. I'm thinking about modding the tray and making it fit, but haven't decided for sure if I want the tray that bad yet.

I have gifted my original humidor to a friend, so he can store his own cigars, and hopefully build up a nice collection himself.

"WOW" - Couldn't ask for more!

Let me start off by saying that if you decide to purchase this humidor, you WILL NOT be disappointed. I mean no disrespect when I say this but, the pictures that you see of the humidor, do it zero justice! It is outstanding! The quality of craftsmanship is awesome. Every detail was covered on this humidor.

Shipping was fantastic. Quick, and no damage to note. Once out of the box, I couldn't help to admire the thing. As mentioned above, every detail of this thing was "OUTSTANDING". I couldn't have asked, or hoped for anything more. The glass inlay just adds to the beauty of this humidor. When I originally placed my order, I wanted a particular design engraved in the glass. I sent a message to utilizing the message box asking if the design could be done. Within minutes, literally minutes, I had received a response from Kayla. Not only did she confirm the the design could be done but, she took the time to send me an example of what the design would look like before actually doing the engraving. Her time and assistance were greatly appreciated and made the whole purchasing process much more easier. She removed any and all doubt of what I would be receiving. For that Kayla, "THANK YOU VERY MUCH"!

First thing I did, after clearing a space for the humidor was season it for two weeks. I used the Boveda 84% seasoning kit and followed the directions that Boveda provided to the "T". I anxiously waited the two weeks as directed by Boveda, which seemed to take forever, but, only because I was so excited about getting the humidor loaded up and showing it off to my buddies.

Well, the day that I had been waiting for, finally came, I opened the humidor for the first time since placing the Boveda seasoning packs inside. I anxiously loaded my new humidor with approximately 75 of my favorite "sticks", including the top 10 cigars of 2015. There was plenty of room. I still have room to spare. After getting the cigars loaded up, I placed three of the Boveda 72% packs inside ...