The Flip Double Flame Torch Lighter with FREE Personalization

Does the Flip Double Flame Torch Lighter look familiar to you? Well, were not surprised. From the moment we saw it, we were smitten with its classic look. It reminded us of some cool lighters we had seen somewhere. Were not sure where. We just couldn't place the feeling. So, on the theory that you'll have the same hard-to-figure-out affinity for it, we stocked up. Maybe you'll feel the same way.

In other news, the Flip Double Flame Torch Lighter is also a serious light. After you fling back the top with a satisfying whip of the wrist and click the ignition, you don't get a wimpy little yellow flame that's afraid of the slightest breeze, and that vanishes over and over and over again, prompting you to fling the thing across the room and just eat your cigar angrily instead of smoking it, leading to an unshakable addiction to chewing tobacco and necessitating the purchase of a mobile spittoon that you take everywhere and that grosses everyone out.


Instead, you get a nice, confident, double flame that pops up and wont be blown out. This isn't a candle. This is a freakin torch! Two rock-solid jets of flame are at your command. Where your cigars used to be hard to light and frustrating to start up, now they'll be screaming for mercy as they reach approximately the same temperature as the surface of the Sun* in a matter of seconds.

*(Give or take several tens of millions of degrees.)

You can also get it engraved for a super-low price, too. This isn't a disposable lighter. You bond with this one. So whether you want your own initials on it or you want to name your lighter like a true pyromaniac would, you can do so with no problem.

The Flip Double Flame Torch Lighter get one!

Customer Reviews

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Richard Amendolara
Crazy Ridez Inc

Glad to have my YouTube Channel on our lighters great product and company Thank You


Good Quality very satisfied with this product

Richard Gobeil

very good product beautiful quality very satisfied thank you

Peter Polk
Peter P.

This lighter works fine; the one I purchased a few months ago has not worked properly - so I guess it's a gamble ???

Quality lighter.

I purchased this lighter for windy conditions, mainly on my boat. I can light it at 60+mph unlike a standard flame lighter. Never cared for the smell or taste of a Zippo so this lighter is a blessing to me.