Three Cans of Butane

Colibri Premium Butane is the cleanest butane available. Our butane is produced to the exacting standards required by high-performance jet-flame lighters—a technology Colibri introduced to the world over 35 years ago.

Our butane is processed in world-class refineries and canned in only the cleanest environment possible, resulting in fuel so pure -less than 6 parts per million!- that it does not require repeated filterings to remove the unwanted matter and contaminants that affect the performance of your lighters, and adulterate the flavor of your premium cigar and/or tobacco.

Our 99.9994% level of purity allows us to proudly recommend our butane for all refillable butane lighters. Colibri Premium Butane is developed to reduce the number of contaminants that cause clogged burner valves, misfires, and malfunctions—and to safeguard against costly repairs.

• The Cleanest Butane Available
• 99.9994% Pure
• Will not affect the flavor of your premium cigar or tobacco
• Includes five additional nozzle adapters
• Premium butane gas
• Recommended for all refillable butane lighter
• Reduces clogged burner valve
• Reduces malfunctions
• Reduces misfires
• 50.0ml / 50g

please note brand varies between Colibri and Lotus, the quality is the same

  • Triple Refined
  • Keeps Your Lighter Unclogged
  • 3 Oz. Supply


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Fr. John SJ
Impressed with the Service

The order never arrived - I searched, then informed the company - and by return mail they said they had cancelled the charge. Two weeks later still no sign, although the company said it was delivered. Great people.

Robert Taylor

The product was shipped in a timely fashion as I needed to refill lighters and this product does the job...BUT the 3 cans I received for the $19.95 "deal" were NOT the 10 oz shown rather they are only 3 oz cans. Makes me feel real disappointed in CheapHumidors. I will be very careful before ordering anything from CheapHumidors again.

Jay McMahon

Hey Dave, I have received three emails from your various email addresses asking me to review my recent purchase under Order # 5762. In the short form, I am very DISAPPOINTED at best describes it. In the long form, under the heading of "DEALS", you advertise THREE CANS OF BUTANE, Normally $29.99, Your Price: $19.99. FREE SHIPPING. Your photo of the product is clearly a 10 oz can of Colibri 1928, Purity of 99.999% pure, with the five adapters in the cap. My local smoke shops sells those cans for $9.99 each.for the last several years. And so, you are correct when you advertise that three cans (as shown of the product photo as advertised) are normally $29.99. That would mean that three cans at $19.99, with free shipping, is a real deal; like getting a can free! And so I placed the order. When the order eventually arrived, I was very disappointed to find three small 3 oz cans, with no adapters in the cap. Hey Dave, even with FREE SHIPPING, this was no "DEAL"! And so, those three cans were a total of 9 oz, and at $19.99 that comes out to $2.22 an oz. A 10 oz can at $9.99 comes out to $1.00 an oz. Hey Dave, where is the bargain here? There ain't one! I'm actually paying you $1.22 more per oz! I took your deal at 30 oz as I saw from the photo of the advertised product, and then received a smaller size of the product at only 9 oz, I discovered that I actually paid you 122% more than from the guy down the street. I guess that it is a small price for me to pay to learn this lesson! Your "DEAL" actually cost me 21 oz. because you sent me 21 oz less than what your photo in the advertisement showed. And so, the shortfall of 21 oz has cost me! 21 oz at your price of $2.22 an oz actually comes out to $46.62. In short Dave, I am very DISAPPOINTED!