The Olde English Cigar Tower

Here ye, Here Ye. We are proud to announce our Olde English Cigar Tower. This beautify is modeled after our uber-popular commercial tower humidors. Perfect for the guy that has everything, this tower is sure to please.

*Please note: does not include humidifier or hygrometer. This item must be shipped via FedEx Freight service. 

  • Holds up to 3500 Cigars
  • 1 Plastic Hygrometer with Brass Frame
  • 3 Shelves (2 adjustable) for Box Storage
  • 12 Drawers for Storing Single Cigars
  • 3 Removable Trays with Dividers
  • Lined with Premium Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar
  • Tarnished Brass Plated Lock & Key, Knob and Hidden Piano Hinges
  • 2 Interior A/C Outlets
  • This item is shipped from an alternate warehouse location in Weston, FL. Please allow additional processing time.

 ** Please Note: This item ships via FedEx Freight truck. Someone must be home to receive the delivery. Customer must open and inspect the item before signing for it. 

Customer Reviews

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Olde English Cabinet Humidor

Super Great Humidor. Am going through the process of getting it set up and humidified so I can transfer my cigar stash to their new home.

Happy birthday to me

Just got mine and it rocks. If you decided to go for this one, and you should strongly consider it, I suggest taking a new terry cloth towel and wiping out the inside and shelving before you start to season it. Mine had some dust and cedar from manufacturing on the shelves and trays.

Overall I am very pleased and can't wait to move in. Waiting for it to stabilize is the hardest part.



Great value for the price

I ordered this humidor as part of compromise with my wife to consolidate several smaller humidors into something practical yet attractive. I was slightly hesitant at first about getting it because it was pretty expensive and I know there can be some quality issues with import stuff. Not seeing it in person was also a bit of a hesitancy point for me.

I could not have been more wrong. This humidor is very nice. It's heavy too - 250 pounds heavy. Be prepared.

When I received this package, it was sealed well and there was no damage to be found. Very good thing since I had some unrelated issues dealing with the freight company. Pulling the unit out of the box, it looked and smelled good. The finish was nice all the way around and the materials seemed a bit better quality than I expected. The construction is MDF with a veneer on the outside, but considering my climate, I consider that a plus. The interior is lined with spanish cedar. Some of the lining is thinner than others, but it's not a problem. The drawers and shelves are put together very well and have a nice feel to them.

This is an attractive cabinet for keeping and displaying A LOT of cigars. Don't let the pictures deceive you - there is a ton of space for boxes, singles - if you tried, you could probably squeeze your own personal cuban roller in there somewhere (if he's cool with that).

If you want a big humidor and don't want to take out a home equity line on your house to have one custom built then buy this one. It's big, beautiful, and well made. Money well spent!

Heirloom Furniture Piece!

Like Bradley, The Wife wanted me to have something large enough that I would empty the 3 humidors and three Ice Chests I was using to store my sticks into something I could not outgrow... that was 4 years ago... and I HAVE TO STOP BUYING MORE - IT IS PACKED! LOL

We had ordered another, smaller "furniture style" humidor and we were SO disappointed we returned it and went to the top of the quality/size section!

In MY case, being in the Southwest, I found it best to put a felt gasket around the door to make sure it sealed really well when closed. This has been a great idea!

With a two fan HumiCare 1000 Pro Humidor it is really easy to care for.

I have to add water only each two to three weeks, depending on the season.

I could not be more happy with this great piece of furniture, and on top of that - it holds THOUSANDS of Cigars!