The Lauderdale End Table Cigar Humidor

Step back and take a look at one of the most beautiful humidors made. Our cabinet humidor features the best hardware, the most intricate details, and enough room for tons of cigars.

This humidor is really amazing. Plus it features solid wood construction, a drawer for more storage, interior electrical outlet, shelves, Spanish cedar lining. What more could you ask for?

The drawer of this humidor is slotted to allow humidity into it, it is designed to hold cigars as well, it is not just an accessories drawer, shelves are slotted as well.

*Please note: does not include humidifier or hygrometer.

  • Holds up to 1000 Cigars
  • Solid Wood Construction with Golden Cherry Veneer
  • Lined with Premium Spanish Cedar
  • 2 Adjustable Cedar Shelves in base
  • Tarnished Brass Door Hinges and Handles 

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
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For the price this was a far better purchase than any desktop humidor I found.It’s decent quality, built sturdy and with Sure Seal it holds humidity very well. Currently I only have about 100 sticks so it’s well under capacity but it also hasn’t budged in RH.I have 2x Caliber 4R hygrometers keeping measurement and only used distilled water to season the unit and a Xicar 4oz tub to keep the humidity at 70RH.It gets a lot of compliments and would easily be a very functional and attractive end table.For the Reviewer that has trouble fitting in the shelf by the humidors outlet, you either have one of the shelves in backwards or they have you two top shelves. The bottom shelf has a notch designed to fit around the outlet.

Great humidor - Great price - Looks fantastic

I really love this humidor. I never thought I would fill it, but now I'm wishing it were bigger. I ordered some Fess Storage cedar trays to go on the shelves. I can fit 4 trays per shelf stacked 2 high side by side long ways, and there is still several inches of space between the shelves for humidification devices. The humidor looks great and maintains humidity very well. I did put some silicone caulk around the power outlet in the back. The door appears to seal just fine. Its maintaining 70% humidity even through the dry winter.I do wish that the cedar shelf where the outlet is was cut out a little more. It pretty much makes one of the outlets useless. I simply attached a small extension cord to the outlet to power the humidifiers inside.

Very nice Humidor!

For the price you can't this humidor for twice the $$$. Very satisfied customer!

Great Value, But Quality Issues

This humidor is a great value for the price. It is nice looking, has oustanding capacity and is functional. Really nice when combined with the Cigar Oasis units. However, there are many fit and finish issues that prevent this from being a 5 star unit all around. Bloches in the finish, misaligned door, gaps where the outlet unit installs, etc. With all this said, it's not a bad unit for the price point. It is too bad it's not made just a bit better.

Not bad for the price

Overall this is a very good box. Definitely not 1000 count if you start adding different size boxes in. I'm around 2/3 full with around 300 cigars in, various sizes. After a week I had it stabilized at 65rh with the use of a Cigar Oasis Plus placed in the bottom shelf. Hygrometers placed in top shelf and bottom read identical and maintain. However beware. A little narrow weather stripping will be needed if your box comes like mine did. The main door seal was poor. The magnet lock on the bottom was driven in too far and the corresponding lock on the bottom of the door would not reach it so the bottom corner of the door would only loosely shut. I added some weather stripping along that side of the door. It seems to seal much tighter. Drawer seems to seal nicely and holds a pretty decent amount of loose cigars. I'd venture to say between 75 and 100 size depending. The power outlet is not installed from the factory. You'll need more weather stripping for this. The cutout does not match the outlet size, there was about 1/4" gap on the left and about 1/8" on top. Once I filled those in my cigar oasis fan finally had a chance to stop running. I have that with about 1lb of 65rh beads well dispersed in the box and it holds perfectly. So for the price I'm happy with it but be prepared to do some "fine tuning"