The Windermere 100 Cigar Humidor with Front Mounted Hygrometer

The Windermere Humidor; it has a fancy ring to it.

Picture it now; you’re giving some new friends a tour of your classic mansion. You know what I’m talking about, the colonial type mansion, with the brick front and bright white pillars. You’re all about class and sophistication. You may even have a British accent. No, you definitely have a British accent.

You take your friends down to your man cave which is conveniently located next to your second kitchen and fifth bathroom. They gawk at the signed movie posters on the wall and the perfectly set up pool table next to a fully stocked bar. But your humble self politely smiles and just keeps walking.

And then it happens; their eyes fall upon it… The Windermere Humidor. You can’t help it when it comes to this humidor. One of your prize possessions, you have to brag at least a little bit.

“Why yes, as a matter of fact that is a black ebony wood exterior finish with Birdseye maple inlay.”

“Can you smell that? It’s the smell of the Spanish- cedar.”

“I keep my cutters and lighters in this felt-lined accessory drawer for safe keepings.”

You could go on and on but you've realized they started drooling a bit, and even one has a single tear welling up in his left eye from the pure beauty this humidor has casted upon him.

This is when you have to do your part; you whip out a brass key to open up the Windermere Humidor and hand them one of your finest sticks.

You Sir are a gentleman and a scholar, and your humidor isn't so bad either.

Customer Reviews

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Nice Quality!

Very nice, once seasoned it holds 72%. Looks great and hold between 70 or so cigars since I am using canister type humidifiers and they take up more room plus I am storing large cigars. I would buy another if needed.

Great Piece - Time Will Tell

I want to first say that I have only had this for about 2 weeks, so I cannot give a review of the longevity or humidity seal over time. However, I can say that the product arrived in great condition, looks amazing, matches the photos, and seems to be seasoning well. **You Must Season The Humidor First** I spent about a week seasoning the humidor. I did not wipe it down with a moist cloth, as this can warp the cedar, but threw in some humidifying packets and found real success with an open jar of distilled water. Never use tap water.I let it season for about 3-4 days until it was holding a humidity of 67-68%. Then I threw in about 10 cigars, I didn't want to fill up too fast as this should be a gradual process. The humidity dropped while the cigars absorbed some, but it's holding steady in the mid-60s. Amazing smell, I smoked my first cigar yesterday that had been in there about a week and it was great. Typically you want to let a cigar rest in a humidor for a few weeks after receiving. Overall it seems to seal well, you can tell when the door shuts. The finish is good, interior is great, and overall feels like a quality box. I would caution against expecting too much from the lock and key, they seem more for show than utility.As for capacity, based on the cigar sizes in my photo, I would say you could force 100 in there, but really a humidor does not produce great results when filled to the top. You're better off keeping about 50-60 in here max. I have two smaller humidors rated 40-50 and its the same story. If you actually put 40-50, they will end up drier than desired, but are great with about 20-25. Keep some humidifying packets/beads in there for best results.

I like the product

I like the product. It came in good condition and does not seem to leak after about a month of ownership. I will say, this unit does not hold anywhere near 100 cigars. I have about 75 cigars in the humidor currently and it is absolutely filled to the brim. I've even had to stack 2 rows on the first tray. It's possible that if you were to take the tray out it would hold 100 cigars, but that seems to defeat the purpose of providing a tray. Either way it's not a terrible purchase.

Excellent box. Great for the price.

It's larger than I expected and nicer. I use the lock to make a tight fit. Humidity is excellent.

Quality product

Excellent humidor, great quality, well made, worth every penny.