The Treasure Dome Cigar Humidor

This humidor was modeled after the Manning Dome series of humidors. They don't even make a model this large. Their largest model sells for $1600+. Heck, you can buy 8 of mine for one of theirs. It comes with all the goodies you would expect. From the Spanish cedar interior, the brass hardware throughout, the abundance of dividers and trays, plus the aerator for circulation, you are getting a lot of humidor for a little money. If you want to impress not only your friends, but yourself and your friends friends, then this is the humidor for you. You can easily store your treasured smokes in this huge box. Plus I guarantee your significant other will let you keep this one out in plain site.

  • SureSeal Technology Standard
  • Holds up to 300 Cigars
  • Super High Gloss Dark Amboyne Wood
  • Fully Loaded with Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar
  • Two Spanish Cedar Removable Trays
  • Five Spanish Cedar Dividers
  • High Quality Lock and Key with Chalon (Tassel)
  • Solid Brass Inset Handles
  • Solid Brass Quadrant Hinges and Piano Hinge
  • Two Extra Large Humidifiers
  • One Glass Hygrometer
  • Spanish Cedar Aerator on bottom for circulation
  • High Gloss Dark Amboyne

Item is shipped directly from our supplier (FL) and will take additional processing time

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Jim D
Great Product

The humidor is excellent quality and far exceeded my expectations. Delivery was very fast.

V. Chapman
So far, so good

Been 2 weeks now and humidity was getting to high so I took out one of the humidifiers and it keeps it between 68-72. I didn't use the stock hygrometer that came with it I bought a Cigar Oasis Caliber 4R Gold Digital/Analog. Of course I only have about 60 cigars in it right now but have more on the way!

Seals great, holds humidity very well

Seals great, holds humidity very well.The hygrometer and humidifier packs had no chance of sticking with the supplied adhesive.I had adhered them before seasoning the box(obviously) they held for no more than 5 minutes. Other than that small issue, I am very happy with this humidor

Dave M
I like the overall humidor

I like the overall humidor. Keeps my cigars at the right humidity level. The humidity gauge and humidifiers are poor quality, but when I augmented with separately purchased replacements, I got the right results.

This bad boy is well made and holds a ton of cigars!

I ordered a previous version of this model several years ago from Cheap Humidors and its fit, finish, and performance has been impressive. I also own three small desktop humidors acquired over the years, but as my cigar collection has grown, I've tired of searching through 4 humidors for the cigar I want. The Treasure Dome gets me back to needing only 2 humidors. This model has 2 nice rectangle humidification units (my older model has only one); but same nice top trays and 3 bottom dividers. This humidor is deep; it'll easily hold 150 decent size cigars. It has a nice dark ebony finish; there's nothing "frilly" about this humidor, either... no "bling" tacked on or fancy engraving and I like that . The integrated side handles have a solid feel and are perfect for this unit. This is NOT a desktop ornament; this humidor deserves it's own corner of the room!