Belmont 600 Count Glass Door Cigar Humidor

The Belmont Humidor's full glass door makes it perfect for retail display whereas the deep mahogany finish and long legs make it elegant enough for home use.

  • Lined in Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar
  • Mahogany Finish
  • Glass Door with Built-In Analog Hygrometer
  • Three Removable Cedar Trays
  • Six Adjustable Cedar Dividers
  • One Pull-Out Drawer
  • Lock and Key
  • Three Traditional Foam Humidifiers

Internal Dimensions: 23x16x10

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Kevin Kellerman
Pretty nice humidor with a few minor caveats

Overall I am happy with this humidor, I've had it a couple years now. Like others have noted, the door seal looks like it would cause problems, but somehow, it stays sealed and doesn't lose humidity. The analog meter works well enough, but I have noticed stratification in humidity in the unit. I'm using a cigar oasis 2 electronic humidifier, and I have it on the bottom shelf, sometimes i move it to the middle. once a month I refill the water tank and it stays pretty consistent at 70%. I have my Acid Blondie Maduros up top as they seem to like a little bit less humidity than the other cigars, else they start to mold where all the others seem to be perfectly fine. That said, I put spacers in my trays to try to increase air flow around the sticks so they aren't 'single side humidified' otherwise you have to roll your stock over, and frankly that's a pain. I am considering adding a few small stirring fans inside to force movement to help eliminate this, but haven't made it there yet.

As others have also noted, there is no way this is a 600 count humidor unless you stack them like cord wood, or you're putting cigarlos in it.

I did have some minor shipping damage that I didn't complain about to one of the legs and the one corner of the box mainly because it wasn't super visible and I didn't feel like dealing with returns, and I was in serious need of cigar space. Honestly I, nor anyone else even notices it.

Overall it is a very good looking humidor and when displayed in the hallway, people note that you're rather serious about the hobby at this point!


I am extremely pleased with my "Belmont 600 Humidor". It arrived a day early...and was very well packaged. The overall quality, I consider to be 5+++ star. I have owned this now for about a month, and after seasoning properly, I began to transfer my cigars from my desktops. I bought a couple digital humidistats that give 24hr high and low readings along with temp...and I have to say again...perfect! Exceptional product!!

Awesome humidor!

I got this humidor for Christmas because my table top one is packed. So far it is doing awesome with the cigar oasis plus. My only problem is the upgraded digital hygrometer does not fit in the hole that the analog is in so I have to just set the digital in the humidor. The front door seal worried me at first but so far doesn't seem to affect humidity.

A good buy

This humidor was a good buy. I was in need of a humidor to hold the majority of my cigars. This certainly helped. It allowed me the room to put in bundles of cigars with lots of space available. After seasoning the humidor, I put in as many cigars as I could fit into it. It holds the proper humidity

Good product

I really like the product it holds the humidity just right.