Stainless Steel Perfect Cut Military Cutter

We know. You look like a tough guy when you chomp the end off of a cigar. It makes you feel like a gritty badass who can't be tamed and does things his own way. But there’s a problem:

It leads to a shittier smoke.

You see, when most people smoke a cigar, the only thing they want to draw on is smoke. Smoke goes in, smoke goes out. Simple, right? The activity is called “smoking,” not “constantly spitting out little pieces of tobacco and occasionally inhaling some, leading to a massive coughing fit that has people wondering what poor choices your parents made when they raised you.”

That would be a long-ass name for an activity. And it would be very unpleasant. That’s why the rest of us stick to smoking.

And use cutters like this one.

The Stainless Steel Perfect Cut Military Cutter is true to its name. It’s made from clean stainless steel, so it’s lightweight and self-sharpening. It has extra-large holes for your thumbs, and can handle a ring gauge of up to 60. With it, you can neatly cut the ends of cigars and get a smooth, no-spitting smoke going. No more pieces of tobacco. No more inhaling solids. Just a relaxing smoke.

The way it should be.

This particular cutter also comes with your choice of Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force emblems. So if you're in the service, retired from the service, related to someone in the service, or hoping to get into the service, this is the cutter for you.

We happen to think that everyone else should also get one, too, but that’s only because we’d be rich if they did. In fact, if even half the people in the world bought a few of these from us, it would really make our day. But if one person decided to buy a few billion, that would be cool, too.

We’re happy either way.

  • Stainless steel body and blades
  • Self-sharpening
  • Super clean cut
  • Ultra lightweight

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The Cut
Very Nice
Every cigar smoker should have one.
Very nice.