Brazilian Rosewood Sliding Ashtray with Humidor

After a long day of wrestling anacondas, playing futbol in dusty streets on bare feet, and being relentlessly pursued by scantily clad women on the beach, we know there is no greater way to compliment your day than sitting down with your favorite cigar. You know that functionality need not be exclusive of elegance, and the accessories that you choose are no exception to that rule.

Introducing the ultimate smoking companion: The Brazilian Rosewood Sliding Ashtray with Humidor! An elegantly constructed cigar humidor ashtray combo. Slender, refined, with the perfect fusion of functionality and class. A silver polished humidifier nestled in the unique built-in humidor and silver internal locking hinges are there to caress and protect 5-7 of your favorite cigars. The sliding cigar bed serves the dual purpose of shielding the ashtray when the box is open and ensuring the lid stays shut when closed, making this the perfect light travel carrying case for trips down to your beach house, or to take along on your private jet while you chase the sunset at 30,000 feet.

With a handsome 2-tone Dark Brazilian Wood, a high polished black lacquer finish, silver polished accents, and multi-use functionality, this cigar humidor says you're a man that just spent his day pulling piranhas from the Amazon with his bare hands, and not just because you'll only need one hand to carry your smoking essentials. Carrying and storing a few of your favorite cigars, catching your ashes when they fall, and a place to rest your cigar when you'd rather let your hands attend to more important things are just a few of the benefits you can look forward to with this all-in-one humidor-ashtray-cigar bed combo. This may have you wondering, "Is there anything this magical box can't do?" The answer to that question is probably yes, but we don't know what!

  • 2-Tone Brazilian Rosewood & Black Lacquer Finish
  • Unique Built-In Cigar Humidor
  • Holds up to 7 Cigars
  • Silver Polished Humidifier
  • Internal Locking Hinges
  • Sliding Cigar Bed

Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
Beautifully crafted, but a little on the small side. I recommend buying it though!

I like this ashtray a lot. Its beautifully crafted. It seems very well built and finished. I like that the center piece is metal with a tip to rest long cigars on and the fact that it has a magnet in the center preventing it from wabling or falling out while moving it from 1 place to another.I'm giving it a 4 Star (which actually should be 3.5) because it's a little on the small side and smaller than expected and can only really fit comfortably 1 good size cigar and hold another 1 or 2 smaller ones at the same time and for sure it will get crowdy! This ashtray cannot fit 2 larger cigars (see attached photo) and that is a little disappointing. I need it for me only anyway, so I will keep it.Despite this, and if you are like me, that dont get a lot of other cigars smokers joining you I think this is a pretty good purchase for the price. I've had a hard time finding a nicely finished wooden ashtray like this one for a reasonable price until I found this on on Amazon.I received it fast, as usual with Amazon, and very well packed.So I recommend this beatifully crafted wooden cigar ashtray, but be aware that you will have a hard time fitting more than 1 good size cigar.

Nice workmanship.

looks and works great!


Nice ashtray. Easy to clean

Nice tray

I am thinking of buying another one for the office and perhaps one or two for gifts.


This ashtray is very classy and looks expensive. This is a nice ashtray for indoors only. It's not deep enough to have outside on windy days.