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Cigar Pouch

Cigar cases come in all shapes and sizes, styles and colors. When it comes to hard cases, they  

are ideal for storing and transporting your beloved goods over short periods of time. They are tough, durable, and can battle against any conditions whilst ensuring your cigars are kept snug, safe and sound - and most importantly fresh. Perfect for the outdoorsman or adventurer.


Check out the following hard cases for an idea of the great variety you can choose from:


1) 2 Telescoping Airtight Travel Tubes Humidor for Cigars

These fine pair are the basic and best when it comes to hard cases. Not only are they an excellent price, they are really good quality too. Both tubes are constructed of strong and sturdy abs plastic, keeping your cigar safe at all costs. These fellows are also telescoping, meaning they can adapt to fit cigars up to 7.5 and up to 54 ring size. The telescoping technology also ensures the tubes are airtight, pushing the air out as needed. Strong but lightweight, easy to carry and a first-rate price - what more could you need.


2) CheapHumidors 4 Cigar Travel Humidor

This is the hard cigar case for those who want optimum protection. Barring an armageddon, your cigars are going to be imperious to harm in this heavy duty case. Rain, sleet, snow, wind - it’s watertight and you can trust it with your life. Not only is it pretty much indestructible, it also has an excellent humidification device and a custom foam that will protect the freshness of your cigars at any cost. Basically unbreakable, you won’t need to worry with this on your side.


3) Cigar Caddy 3540 15 Cigar Travel Humidor

For the outdoorsman in you, this cool looking humidor comes with a lifetime guarantee - that shows you how great the quality is. Holding up to 15 cigars, it is even waterproof past 100 feet, so nothing should get in the way of you enjoying your favorite cigars, wherever you adventure might take you. Included inside is a humidification device, and the cigars are surrounded by foam for ultimate protection. It is constructed of fiber-glass, reinforced with ABS resin, making it strong, durable and crushproof.

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