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Nowadays you can buy pretty much anything online. There is a reason why shopping on the web grows in popularity ever year -  and it’s not just because pretty much no one enjoys meandering around shops in the festive rush. It can be an easier and time-saving process, as well as getting you some great deals and giving you more of a range to choose from. Cigars, humidors, cutters and accessories are no exception.That being said, not all websites are reputable and you don’t want to be left with low-quality products and be out of pocket. Bearing that in mind, here are some things to consider when it comes to shopping for your beloved smokes and accessories online


1) Customer Feedback

Luckily most trustworthy websites have an area for previous customer feedback that is easily accessible. You can get honest criticism and are able to see objectively what people thought. If you are interested in trying out a new product, you can see what other people thought of it without having to waste time and money yourself. This is a really useful tool - but remember everyone has their own opinions, especially when it comes to cigars, so don’t take these as gospel.


2) Online Offers and Variety

Websites can provide some really great offers in comparison to smoke shops. If there is a product you like from your local shop or a firm favorite of yours for years, you can search in online shops and chances are you will be able to get it for a cheaper price. This is also true when it comes to variety. Online shops tend to have a great deal more diversity when it comes their stock.


3) Customer Service

Of course, you can’t beat the one-on-one service in your local tobacco store, but a lot of online shops are making it a whole lot easier to have relationship between retailer and consumer. The most convenient of these is the live chats option, which makes it incredibly simple to talk to an expert in real time about any queries you might have. Most websites should also have a contact telephone/email.


4) Do Your Research!  

This may seem fairly obvious, but make sure you know at least a little about the online shop and the products they sell. Some online shops have been criticized for not correctly storing their cigars, making for a sub-par cigar on delivery. This is easily avoidable if you choose a reputable and popular website. You can find that out by checking out the following:

Google them and see what their reputation is - do people on the whole have a positive experience?

Are they easily contactable?

Do they have a warranty available on their products?

Are they experts in their field?

It is down to preference when it comes to online shopping vs brick and mortar; you might settle for a mix of both or be an online convert in no time. Either way, it pays to shop with a company you can trust.