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Cigar Holder Case

Combo cases are ideal for the no fuss, no nonsense, easy going among us. Instead of having to buy and carry a separate case, lighter and cutter, hit three birds with one stone and simplify your life with one of these convenient combo cases:


1) Easy-Dor Cigar Tube Travel Humidor

Good things come in small packages, and this my friend is no exception. But don’t be fooled by its miniature exterior, this is a powerful piece of kit. Sturdy and functional, it may not be winning any beauty contests but it does what its supposed to - take care of your cigars. It does this with an ingenious design that forces the excess air out of the case, as well as having a build-in humidifier sponge. Safe to say your cigars will be the freshest around. It has a fancy brass hygrometer so you can keep an eye on the humidity of up to 7 cigars. Oh and it even comes with a guillotine cigar cutter, which cuts up to 54 ring gauge. Ideal for an overnight camping trip, you’re never going to be caught out when this is your traveling buddy.


2) Triple Travel Accessory Kit

Compact, well-made and with the ability to accommodate up to 4 cigars, this kit will soon be a permeant fixture at your side through golf and camping trips alike. Not only good for housing your cigars, it comes with a super sharp guillotine cutter and rounded bullet butane torch; complete with green flame. Suffice to say you will never seem underprepared again.


3) 4 Cigar Triple Travel Accessories Combo Featuring At Ease Cigars

Well, when it comes to being prepared and not overcomplicating your life look no further than this beauty. At Ease Cigars are a delicious medium bodied Nicaraguan cigar with a strong, rich flavor, and you get four of them in this pack to enjoy. You get to choose which branch of forces your At Ease Cigars will come in, you get the awesome case to put them in, you get a guillotine to cut them, and a rounded bullet butane torch to smoke them. It is literally all you need in one neat package -  some call it the gift that keeps on giving.