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Cigar Case Leather

When it comes to choosing your cigar case, remember it can be an expression of your personality. Yes, of course it has to be functional; it has to do the job at hand and protect and preserve the freshness of its load. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t say something about who you are at the same time.

A more classic take on a cigar case is the Five Cigar Leather Telescoping Travel Case. Elegant, sharp and dashing, you’re bound to be the envy of your all your friends when you casually present this at social functions. It also has the capacity to accommodate up to 5 cigars, making it ideal for a weekend trip - or if you’re feeling hospitable. A nifty design aspect of this bad boy is its telescoping ability, meaning that no matter what the size of your cigar, they will be protected. Pretty smart don’t you think? It is also intelligently lined with Spanish cedar - and of course why not, only the best for such a classy individual as yourself. Lovingly constructed from high quality leather with fashionable stitching, this excellent case is also the perfect size for outings. Get ready to receive compliments, but accept them graciously like the gentleman you are.

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On the other side of the spectrum, for those who take themselves a little less seriously, we have the Golf Bag Cigar Humidor. Just as lovingly made with genuine leather, this little number is a fun yet functional way to carry your cigars around the golf course - or anywhere else for that matter. Around eight inches tall and fitting in a maximum of 9 cigars, it not only for storage , but also handily has a pocket for other additions - just like the real thing. So no longer will you be wondering where you favorite lighter has disappeared to, it’s right where it needs to be. The great thing about this humidor is that it is super functional too; it comes with a foam humidor and is lined with Spanish cedar to keep your cigars fresh through all18 holes and beyond. It even smartly clips onto your golf bag, it couldn’t be more accessible.

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So whether you are inclined to own a time-honored, swanky case or something with a little more character, it’s clear you don’t have to compromise on quality. You could even just treat yourself and get both.