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Our Cigar Cases

Humidors are great, but not all of them are built for travel. You want to keep that same level of protection when you’re on the go, so what do you do? You get a travel case for your cigars. Cigar cases are designed to keep your cigars protected from getting crushed in your travels. Here are a few things you should know about cigar cases.

Cigar Cases Vary in Material, Shape & Size

Some cigar cases come in rectangular shapes to hold a row of cigars. Others are large cylindrical tubes to carry a bunch of cigars grouped together, or even smaller tubes to hold one cigar by itself. Others still have multiple rounded slots to hold cigars individually within the case. Smaller cases tend to be flat to allow you to carry them in a pocket. Larger cases may be more rectangular to fit in luggage, or even include clips to attach to bags or belts as needed. Picking out the right case will depend on how you plan to use it. But no matter what you pick, just having a cigar case shows you’re serious about your investment.

Cigar cases are often made of metal (stainless steel), plastic, leather or a combination of the three. This can help you pick the look you want to make your protection just a little bit more personalized.

Cigar Cases are Not Humidors

While not as effective as humidors against less than ideal elements such as extreme temperatures or severe drops or raises in humidity levels, travel cases will still keep your cigars from getting too affected by your new surroundings for a short period of time. Most cigar cases will carry a small number of cigars, typically less than 10. That’s plenty to get you by for a few days without the cigars getting too dried out. Without a humidifying method, cigars should not be kept in a case longer than a few days, unless you want them to start getting affected by their new conditions in less-than-ideal heats and humidities. You wouldn’t abuse your investment like that, would you?

Travel Humidors are a Thing

If you’re traveling for extended periods of time or just need to bring a lot of cigars, get a travel humidor instead of just a travel case. Travel humidors will help your cigars last in their new environments by helping to maintain the environment of your home humidor even more than a case can. Travel humidors will often include some small form of humidifier (often a foam-based one) and some even come with a small hygrometer. This still doesn’t replace a proper humidor at home (keep in mind that if you’re traveling, you’re probably opening this puppy up more often than you would your home humidor), but on the go, it will preserve your investment for longer.

Be Kind

Even a regular humidor at home is not impervious to the outside elements! Treat your cigars with respect on the road. Try to keep the case in a cool dry place whenever possible. Your case can’t recreate the environment of a humidor, but at least it will slow down change. And if you keep the cigars in an environment that’s similar to your humidor, whatever change that does take place will not be extreme. And when you return home, put any unsmoked cigars back into your humidor right away.