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Why You Need a Cigar Carrying Case

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Even if you're just getting into cigars, if you plan to travel with them, you should consider getting a cigar carrying case. A cigar carrying case is not the same thing as a humidor, but it does follow a similar principle of keeping your cigars nice and protected. After all, if you are traveling, your cigars can run the risk of being broken or bent, or otherwise destroyed. You don't have to go long distances to cause damage to your cigars. These are fragile little buggers. Moving them always brings a risk of breaking them. A cigar carrying case will keep them protected from wear and tear, and keep them fresh until you are ready to smoke them.

Cigar Carrying Cases Come in Many Shapes & Sizes

Larger cigar carrying cases are usually designed to fit inside of luggage. There are rectangular cases as well as a somewhat larger tube shaped cases to carry a number of cigars within. There are also smaller cigar carrying cases which can be carried on your person. Small cases can even fit in a jacket pocket.

Most Carrying Cases Are Small...On Purpose

Very few cigar cases will carry more than 10 cigars. There is a very good reason for this, as a cigar case is not an ideal environment to store a cigar long term. A cigar carrying case is no replacement for a good humidor. These cases are really meant for short trips, or taking a cigar or two out with you for a day or evening of activity. The smaller capacity in shores that you do not fill a carrying case with your entire cigar collection, only for it to dry out and go bad. Most caring cases do not offer any sort of humidifying media, so you are relying on your cigars to be properly humidified previously. After they are put in your case, it is a race against the clock before they become dried out.

Consider a Travel Humidor for Longer Trips

If you absolutely need to take a lot of cigars with you, invest in a travel humidor. These puppies can withstand the shocks of travel, but also include humidifying media in order to keep your cigars at the proper humidity. Much like a cigar carrying case, a travel humidor is a short-term option, but this extends your term too many more days. A travel humidor is perfect for longer trips that last more than one week, or four trips that require you to take a lot of cigars, especially if you are sharing among your friends. Some smaller tubes will act as a humidor in order to give even just a few cigars that humidifying boost. However, these cases tend to be a little bulkier than the average 1– or 2– cigar case.

Treat Your Cigars Well

Just because you put your cigars and a cigar carrying case does not mean you can abuse your case for all it's worth. Remember, your cigars are out of your humidor and have not been smoked yet. They will dry up if left out for too long, even in a case. Carrying cases are also subject to the outside condition so you still want to do your best to keep your cigars carrying case in condition that will not hurt your cigar. Keep them away from extremely dry or extremely humid conditions, and snoring you're carrying case in a cool dry place will help keep your cigars from changing too rapidly.

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