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Cigar Box Purses

With the huge trend in vintage fashion en vogue, handmade cigar box purses are a great way to set yourself apart. Rather than buy one, you can make your very own unique piece with a little bit of ingenuity, imagination and work - constructing a purse that will be as individual as you are. It is also a great hobby to get into, and you can even give them to friends and family as a thoughtful and personal gift. So come on! Step out of the box and start designing!


Here is a simple ‘how to” for the easy construction of a cigar box purse:  


1) Purchase your cigar box (es) - Remember only use wood! You can order an array of boxes, such as these 10, for all manner of things. Not only purses, you can make keepsake boxes and decorative items - get inspired and bring out your inner artist. You need to have a quality box to begin with if you are going to make a durable purse, and remember practice makes perfect! These boxes are a variety of sixes and shapes, so you can try out a multitude of designs. With the holidays coming, decorative festive bags would make a nice gift/decoration.


2) Prepare the exterior of the box - Remove any paper from the box carefully, and smooth out any rough parts gently using sandpaper. If glue has been used to stick the paper, you can heat the adhesive up by blasting it with a hairdryer, making it easier to take off.


3) Choose and attach your handle - You can easily acquire handles from craft stores, but you're just as welcome to use a chain/ drawer handles, dependent on what style you are going for.  You can attach the handle by drilling small holes (not all the way through) and then using glue to secure the handle in place Remember to just start the holes with the drill, then manually push the handle. Alternatively, you can screwing eyelet hooks and attach a chain.


4) Reinforce the corners and clasps - This is your choice, but if you want a longer life for your cigar purse, and are intent on using it a great deal not just as a decoration, this is recommended. You can buy brass corners from craft stores and attach them to the corners of your box. Then, if the clasp seems to have seen its day, replace that too. You can choose a decorative one, just make certain it is sturdy.


5) Decorate! - This is the fun part! You can use photography, pages from books, magazine advertisements, your own art, jewelry. Pretty much anything. Apply your design using crafting glue - but make sure you don't glue your box together.


6) Seal it - This will ensure your design stays on for as long as possible. Use 3 coats of aerosol or liquid polyurethane, following the directions on the packaging. Make sure you allow all coats to dry.


7) Line it - Finally you can line the inside of your purse - again with any material and the design of your choosing. Measure the length, width and height and cut the material accordingly. Then use fabric glue to secure the lining.


Hey presto! You have your very own original cigar box purse. Let your bag ‘set’ for 2 days, then try not to get it wet for at least a few weeks. Again, this helps the longevity of your bags life.