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Cigar Bands

Sitting back whilst enjoying your favorite cigar, you might not have paid attention to the slim paper ring encircling it. Pause for a moment and consider the cigar band. With a history steeped in mystery, debate and apparently Russian royalty; this humble loop holds great importance and even now provokes passion and discussion within the community.

Used to indicate the brand/variety of the cigar, in contemporary times there has been a preference to more elaborate styles with the assistance of modern printing technology. The hotly debated origins of this item were just as concerned with aesthetics, but for a different reason entirely.

One romanticized tale of creation concerns the infamous and powerful Catherine the Great, Russian Tsarista. It is said the Queen was quite partial to a cigar, but not to the residing stain on her fingertips. As a consequence, she declared her cigars to be wrapped in silk. A similar tale of English gentlemen and their concern for their pristine white gloves not to be discolored has also been argued. However, the most likely theory denotes that of Dutch cigarmaker Gustave Bock, who manufactured paper rings complete with his signature on in order to indicate their quality and uniqueness. This led to virtually all reputable Cuban cigar makers to do the same, creating a level of prestige, and eventually a collectable item.

Cigar bands gradually became more and more elaborate; tiny slithers of art representing their era. This is especially true at the turn of the 20th Century. Cigar makers were living in very competitive times and wanted their brand to stand out. An eye-catching and colorful band helped build the companies identity and market their cigar. This led to the hobby of vitolphilia, otherwise known as cigar band collecting.

Both modern and vintage cigar bands are now collected; although the debate as to whether to remove the band pre or post smoke is still ongoing. Either way, it seems a waste to merely discard an item steeped in rich history and with such iconic worth. If you fancy yourself a budding vitolphili, or you already have a collection of your own tucked away messily in a drawer, why not invest in a presentation case, such as The Cigar Band Shadow Box.

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This stunning handmade piece is a refined and tidy way to present your precious load. Additionally, you get to choose between nine different designed to be etched onto the glass, adding your own personal touch to an asset that will endure lifetime.  Easily accessible, your bands will never be wasted again, and whichever room you choose to display them will benefit from this stylish addition; I bet even a monarch would approve.