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Cheap Cigars in Bulk

Buying in bulk can help you save a lot of cash without having to compromise on quality. If you are thinking of expanding both your knowledge and your collection of cigars, then buying in volume at a cheap cost can assist you on your journey. If, however, you are already a connoisseur, then getting cigars in bulk affords you to expand your collection, and sets you up for any future social occasions.

The advantages of making a larger purchase of cigars are not only in terms of variety, but also in regards to price. If you buy a large amount all at the same time, you are more likely to get a good deal on the cigars than if you bought them in a smaller quantity. Just make sure you have a quality humidor to store them in so they are kept fresh!


Treating yourself to such a purchase is truly an investment, and allows you to test out your palate and preference, whilst also having an array of cigars to offer to friends. Additionally, if you’re looking to buy a gift for an expert in the family, a diverse package of cigars makes for a tremendous surprise.


The Jar Mayhem 10 Cigar Sampler and Cigar Jar is a great example of why you should buy in bulk. Not only does it arrive in its own swanky container, a cool item for displaying cigars in itself, it also comes with a delectable assortment of 10 quality cigars. The container is airtight, meaning you don’t have to rush when it comes to sampling your collection, and has a Spanish cedar bottom. It is easy to transport around if you feel like sharing, or  if you're a generous soul and are giving it as a gift. It is able to hold up to 25 cigars, so you can continue to add to the already sterling collection that come with it.


Now onto that exciting collection. There is a great variety on offer here, whatever your taste, ranging from mild to medium bodied and hailing from some of the best tobacco producers around:

  1. 1876 Reserve Churchill  - mild-bodied and smooth from the Dominican Republic

  2. El Galan Campestre Maduro Turo - medium to full-bodied

  3. 2016  Cheap Humidors’ Cigar - A limited edition, rich in flavor

  4. Amati Churchill -  mild and creamy

  5. Brocatus Churchill - nutty, oak flavoring wrapped in Ecuadorian leaf

  6. Best la Vue Churchill - traditional blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco

  7. Villiger Connecticut Churchill -  complex, light blend with cream, honey, pepper and cedar

  8. Free Cuba - aged Cuban and Dominican tobaccos. Mellow, medium-body

  9. Oro Cubano Anniversario Churchill - Indonesian wrapper with Dominican filer, medium-bodied with spicy notes

  10. Carlos Torano Dominico Torpedo - Mellow with nots of oaks, nuts and cedar. Connecticut leaf grown in Ecuador.