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Boveda Humidifier Mounting System-HUMI-BOVH-31 Zoom


Boveda Humidifier Mounting System

Item Number: HUMI-BOVH

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Product Description


This Boveda Humidor Mounting system doesn't really require a 300 word description, but any new product we put out there is required by the "higher-ups" to have a copy-written description of 300 words.

Do you even have time to read 300 words about some cedar wood slats that you cram 4 Boveda Humidification Packets in? You do? Well then, settle in for a GREAT READ. This is going to be the Moby Dick" of product descriptions.

So, it's Spanish Cedar, right? And it's got vents in it, also made out of Spanish Cedar (I mean, look at the picture, that's worth 100 words right there) and then it's got a magnet mounting system on the back. You take one side of the system and peel off the plastic paper to expose the adhesive and slap it inside your humidor. Anywhere you want, there are no rules to this process! Then you do the same to the vented Boveda Mounting system. Peel off the plastic paper to expose the adhesive on the other side, and slap it on your Boveda Humidor mounting system! Bring the two magnets together and watch magnets do what they DO! Then you can shove your Boveda packets inside and keep your stogies abundantly fresh for years and years to come (that is after you've purchased your lifetime supply of Boveda packets).

I'm so fired right now. And, to be honest, this wasn't really my best work. Hardly qualifying for 'the Moby Dick' of product descriptions. I shouldn't have said that. I jinxed it right there. You send those words out into the universe and the universe loves to mess with you - er, ah, I mean, Challenge you. I didn't mean what I said before in that "tone", universe. I swear.

There's really not much more to it! You could make your own mounting system, but have you SEEN the price of Spanish Cedar these days? It's insane. Plus you need a table saw and a jig and a router and a vice. In the end, you'll spend about $200 to make your own version of this $19.99 item. Not to mention your TIME, which is worthless. But in case you DO decide to make your own, let us know how it turns out! Send us a selfie while you're making it! We'll make you famous and post it on our facebook page!

  • Easy to Use
  • Just Throw into Your Humidor
  • Preset for Accurate Results
  • Lab Tested for Accuracy
  • Lasts up to 3 Months

Additional Information

Additional Information

Length (inches) 7
Width (inches) 6
Height (inches) 1
Manufacturer Boveda
Warranty 1 Year
Moneyback Guarantee 30 Days
Humidifier Type Other


Worth the upgradeReview by James
This was an extremely simple upgrade to install. Excellent quality. (Posted on 3/29/2016)
Nice!Review by Trond
Solid and great construction! (Posted on 12/24/2015)
Boveda-Spanish Cedar--why say more?Review by Michael
This is a terrific product. Easy to install and the magnetic plates actually adhere to where you place them. Great craftsmanship all around. (Posted on 12/14/2015)
Very satisfied with mounting sytem.Review by Robert
Mounting system was very easy to install. May not work for smaller humidors. packets simply slip right in. (Posted on 2/17/2015)

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