You might be wondering what happened to all the cigars we used to sell?

It was a tough decision, but we decided to no longer sell cigars on our website.

Legislation has increased tremendously over the years putting restrictions on what you can and can't sell online.  Some states are banning the sale of cigars, other counties are, while some cities are on the do not ship list.  This changes all the time, and it is increasingly difficult to ensure total compliance.

It is our opinion that the best place to purchase your cigars is from a knowledgable tobacconist.  There is really nothing quite as special as befriending your local shop owner so they know exactly what you want.

So while I apologize for this inconvenience, please understand that we have done it to protect ourselves.  We have been selling cigar accessories online for 22 years, we don't want to throw that all away for a few boxes of cigars...