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Blazer Wide Flame Butane Lighter-PB207-WF-30 Zoom


Blazer Wide Flame Butane Lighter

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Item Number: PB207-WF

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Product Description


We could dance around this point, but why bother? Let's cut right to the chase:

Sometimes, girth matters.

It matters when you're drilling.
It matters when you're in the bedroom.
It matters when you're trying to squeeze into an airline seat.

And oddly enough, it matters when you're lighting up a cigar.

With today's cigars featuring larger and larger gauges, a little narrow flame ain't gettin' it done anymore. Sure, when you had a little cigarillo, you could light it up with a single match (so long as there wasn't any wind). But with today's oversized toros and robustos, you could go through a whole box of matches without even seeing any smoke.

That's why you've got the Blazer Wide Flame Torch Lighter!

The Wide Flame Lighter does exactly what it says it does: it delivers a wide flame so that you don't have to spend your entire Sunday trying to get your cigar lit. Instead, you fire it up, and have your stick red in moments. (That is, of course, after you lean back when you see how big the flame is. But once you get over the initial shock, you're good to go.)

What's funny is, the Blazer Wide Flame Torch Lighter also has a flame lock. You fire it up and lock it on, and then you can do some serious firestarting without hurting your thumb. But the thing is, you're really not going to need it. This thing gets cigars lit in a hurry. If you lock it on, by the time you get it unlocked, you'll probably have lit half of your block on fire. That's because it also has a huge fuel reservoir, compared to your average torch lighter. In fact, the Blazer Wide Flame Torch Lighter can stay lit for about 20 minutes on max flame.

No matter how big cigars get, you're going to light them up with ease.

Bring it on.

  • Wide Flame
  • Flame Lock
  • Large Fuel Reservoir

Additional Information

Additional Information

Material Metal
Manufacturer Blazer
Warranty 1 Year
Moneyback Guarantee 30 Days
Built in Cutter No
Flame Type Torch
Number of Flames One


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