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Black Sliding Single Cigar Ashtray-AS-813B-31 Zoom

Black Sliding Single Cigar Ashtray

Item Number: AS-813B

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Product Description


Have you ever seen a product so awesome that just mentioning its name bumps up your own personal coolness level? We’re talking such a high coolness level that you can say coolness level without even losing any coolness (that’s the only way I can continue to type coolness and remain this awesome). Well prepare yourself to be made aware of one with this Kingstar Sliding Black Ashtray.

Ashtrays are a must for any cigar smoker from novice to aficionado but most of the time they are nothing more than a glorified bowl with some tubes to hold onto your cigar. Sometimes it comes down to a battle over which one has the deepest bowl or the most cigar holders. Kingstar took a look at the standard ashtray formula and said “screw that!” Now, thanks to some out-of-the-box thinking, this sliding black ashtray is available so you can say farewell to the old cereal bowl way of ashing your cigars.

The Kingstar sliding black ashtray is designed with both efficiency and style in mind. The ashtray saves you space by sliding into a compact square the size of a stack of coasters when not in use. When you do need it, you can easily transform it into personal ashtray mode just as you’re getting your cigar started. It is lightweight enough to move with ease but also heavy and durable enough to stand up against time and most floors (although each scratch will lower you 1 whole coolness level).

This ashtray is the pinnacle of versatility and is ready for any ash-related situation. The transformability makes the Kingstar Sliding Black Ashtray perfect if you need an ashtray to travel. Plus, it comes in a modern black and silver style to compliment any smoking session with just the right touch of class. So if you’re tired of hearing about coolness and want to be living coolness, add this ashtray to your cart and get ready to live the high life!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Width (inches) 2
Height (inches) 3.125
Material Wood
Warranty 1 Year
Moneyback Guarantee 30 Days
Number of Cigar Rests 1


A traveling essential, my favorite smoking accessory.Review by Frank
I travel extensively and when not in a smoking salon I am often at a loss for disposing of my cigar ash. Having bought the Black Sliding Single Cigar Ashtray, that problem has been solved.
The folded ashtray easily fits in my luggage and sits beside my travel humidor. Inside of my folding ashtray is where I carry my piercing draw tool. As the piercing tool is small and easy to misplace, being able to carry it in my folding ashtray is fantastic.
I would highly recommend to any traveling cigar smoker to consider purchasing the Sliding Single Cigar Ashtray in any of its variants, as this is an essential accessory for any serious cigar smoker. (Posted on 7/30/2015)
Cool. The Coolest.Review by Edward
I bought two of these so I could be double cool and now I am.
They are very well made, easy to clean, and insanely cool given the price.
Every admiring glance is followed up with a sincere "That is cool".
The ghosts of Frank, Dean, and Sammy all showed up one night just
to tell me how cool I was with my new ashtrays. (Posted on 3/9/2015)

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