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Best Cigar Case

A cigar case should be many things: an investment into your future, an expression of yourself, a fashionable item that fits within your identity. And of course it still needs to be able to function and do its primary aim - to protect its precious load. With so many cigar cases out there, it's difficult to find the one that is right for you. Well don’t worry. We have picked the cream of the crop when it come to cases so you don’t have to.


1) Best Travel Case

Nothing says confidence and style more than the Augustus 20 Count Black Leather Travel Cigar Humidor. Made of the highest quality leather, accented with rich red stitching, this case is truly a classic in the making. People will know you mean business when this is a part of your luggage. The stylish buckles, the leather straps, the foam humidifier; it all combines to a case which makes you feel as important as you know you are

2) Best for a Gift

Looking like some kind of invention James Bond gets given to defeat a villain, the Two Cigar Case and Flask is a nifty piece that makes for a perfect gift. Its ingenious design incorporates everyone's favorite pair: cigars and alcohol. A polished stainless steel finished item, it fits 1.5oz of liquid and 2 cigars of up to 8 inches and up to 54 ring gauge. Its size also makes it perfect to slip into your groomsman’s pocket, so he can always carry a gulp of Dutch courage for you if needed.


3) Best For the Outdoorsman

The Cigar Caddy 3140 2 Cigar Travel Humidor is pretty much the last word when it comes to protecting your cigars. Waterproof, crushproof, watertight up to 100 feet, you would have to try pretty hard to wreck this bad boy. Its foam interior provides even further protection, making it the perfect choice of fishing and camping trips. You might get wet, but your cigars certainly won’t.


Sale Price: $20.97

4) Best for Daily Use

The Five Cigar Leather Travel Case is a great size to carry around, without compromising when it comes to style. It is lined with Spanish cedar to protect your precious smokes, and even telescopes to fit cigars as needed. Its dashing leather exterior and stitching further adds to its universal appeal. You’re bound to get a compliment or two when presenting this classy, yet understated, case in the smoking room.   

Sale Price: $23.97