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Beginners Guide to Cigar Smoking


FREE Report Reveals Everything You Must Know About Cigars!

In this eye-opening report, Dave Sabot, cigar store owner with 7 years of retail experience,
and one of the world's cigar industry veterans uncovers everything you must know about using cigars, including:


  • How to Choose the Cigars you Will Love
  • The Most Valuable Tool for Cigar Smokers
  • The Proper Way to Cut, Light, and Smoke Cigars
  • How to Store your Cigars so they Last Forever
  • Setting up your Humidor for Years of Perfect Service
  • The Best way to Travel with Cigars
  • Two Quick Storage Devices you can Make in a Pinch
  • Making Sense of all the Sizes, Shapes and Colors of Cigars
  • Over 64 Terms Used by True Aficionados


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