Vertigo Intimidator Quadruple Flame Torch Lighter

Vertigo Intimidator Quadruple Flame Torch Lighter
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About This Item:
  • Red Flames
  • Quad Flame Torch Lighter
  • Extra Large Fuel Tank
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Strike fear into the end of any cigar with the Intimidator.  Look down with pity upon those unfortunate, triple flame torches.  They do not have the power of the intimidator.  The four flames of the intimidator emerge from a nozzle with an adjustable position, so that there may be no hiding, no running from the four red flames fueled by an extra large fuel tank of the Intimidator.  There is little room at the top of the mountain.  With the intimidator, stake your claim for it.

  • Four Strong Torch Flames
  • Unique Red Flames
  • Extra Large Fuel Tank
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