Boveda Humidity Packets

Boveda Humidity Packets
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About This Item:
  • Foolproof humidity control
  • Variety of humidity levels available
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Description: This is one of the easiest humidification systems ever. It is so simple to use and works so well you will be amazed. Each pack is preset at a very specific humidity level You can choose from 65%, 69% or 72% humidity levels. You take the pack and place it inside your humidor. Location doesn't matter at all. You can put it on the top, middle, bottom, on top of cigars, it just doesn't matter.

The patented technology will accurately release the exact humidity that you need, without fault. Boveda packets have a built in reverse osmosis membrane which guarantees the cleanest water vapor possible. Allow water vapor to pass through the walls, but does not pass any liquid which means they can be laid right on top of your cigars without any side effects.

To select the proper number of packets for your humidor, you use 1 packet for every 50 cigars + 1 packet. For example: If you keep 100 cigars, you would purchase 3 packets (1 packet for each 50 cigars, plus an extra). If you store 200 cigars you would need 5 packets (1 packet for each 50 cigars, plus an extra).

  • Easy to Use
  • Just Throw into Your Humidor
  • Preset for Accurate Results
  • Lab Tested for Accuracy
  • Lasts up to 3 Months
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