Cigar Humidor Activator Solution

8oz. or 16oz. Bottle

Cigar Humidor Activator Solution
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About This Item:
  • Easy to use humidification solution
  • Already premixed
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Description: Why canít things just be easy, right?

All you wanted to do was smoke some cigars and scare off the wife for a few hours, and now you have to use some fancy cigar humidifier activator solution just to keep your humidifier in good working order. If you wanted yet another pain-in-the-rear thing to maintain, you would have restored a classic car.

Well donít worry Ė this is easy.

Just like your car needs fresh oil at regular intervals, your humidifier needs regular recharges with propylene glycol. And it isnít just because the all-mighty propylene glycol lobby got to us and paid us to push the stuff, either. Propylene glycol (or PG, as his friends call him), is hygroscopic to 70 percent relative humidity, meaning that when the air is holding 70% of the water vapor that it can, PG holds everything steady. If itís around, it wonít let more water vapor than that get into the air.

This is good news for your cigars, because this is in the ideal range for preserving them!

Now, you donít just pour PG into your humidifier, you need to mix it with distilled water. Thatís what this cigar activator solution is: 50% PG, 50% distilled water. You could, of course, do this mixing yourself, but if youíd rather not play chemistry set in your garage, weíve done it for you. And while your cigar shop offers cigar activator solution at some crazy price, weíve got the inexpensive version.

Every few months, put a few squirts of this stuff into your humidifier, and everything will stay nice and cozy in your humidor. Just squirt away every time your humidifier looks dry and thirsty, and youíre good to go. You can stay away from pesky calculations and measuring if you just keep your eye on the dry! (foam inside the humidifier Ė but you knew that, right?)

Itís mandatory maintenance, folks. Grab this stuff, use it as directed, and your cigars will thank you for it. Thatís it!

Dimensions: Capacity: 8 Fluid Ounces, 16 Fluid Ounces
  • Perfect 50/50 Mixture of Propylene Glycol and Distilled Water
  • Convenient Flip-top Lid
  • Easy to use
  • 6-12 Month Supply
  • Already Premixed
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