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Steampunk 50 Count Humidor-HUM-SK40-1-31 Zoom


Steampunk 50 Count Humidor

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Item Number: HUM-SK40-1

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Product Description


What are all those gears connected to? Is it a complicated opening mechanism that shoots jets of steam and smoke as the humidor comes to life all on its own? Is it a booby trap, to prevent people from stealing your most coveted sticks, that fires mini darts into interlopers? Does it play music from a bygone era when you open it?

Well, no. It doesn’t do any of those things.

But that doesn’t mean the Steampunk 50-Count Humidor isn’t cool! These gears are more about style than anything else. The time of steam-powered machines and obscenely complicated mechanisms ended long ago, but the aesthetic lives on. In fact, we might argue that it’s actually still gathering steam, eh?

Ouch. Horrible pun. No more of that. Please accept our sincere apologies.

Anyhow, the steampunk style is still growing, developing, and gathering new admirers even as we speak. It’s appearing everywhere, from video games, to movies, to . . . well, cigar shops, now. And hopefully a place of honor in your home, soon.

The Steampunk 50-Count Humidor has a striking exterior, with a finish made to evoke vintage reclaimed wood. The metalwork is iron and scratch-resistant. All of this adds up to a look that we think is pretty sweet, and would go well with your player piano, vintage still, or just in a space you think needs a little character.

Inside, the Steampunk 50-Count Humidor is made from solid pinewood, and features nice soft little felt bottoms for your stash. And there’s a divider to keep your lights separate from your darks. It also has a humidifier and hygrometer so that you can, you know, actually use it as a humidor? What a concept! Unlike many steampunk items that look the part but don’t actually function, this beauty works well and looks good, too.

  • Analog Hygrometer
  • Solid Wood Construction
  • Traditional Foam Humidifier
  • One Cedar Divider

Additional Information

Additional Information

Length (inches) 10.5
Width (inches) 8.75
Height (inches) 4.4
Moneyback Guarantee 30 Days
Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Quality Importers
Cigar Capacity 50
Humidor Trays None
Humidifier Included Yes
Humidifier Type Foam
Hygrometer Included Yes
Hygrometer Type Analog
Hygrometer Location Internal


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