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Ammo Can Humidor-DH-AMMOCAN-30 Zoom


Ammo Can Humidor

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Item Number: DH-AMMOCAN

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Product Description


Born in the USA and actually used in the service, our Ammo Can Humidor is unlike any other And it isn't just for show. We have tested it in our own labs and found that it holds perfect humidity for 30-50 cigars, depending on sizes!

(Yes, we actually tested it, and yes, it passed with flying colors.)

Speaking of “flying colors,” you can have this humidor laser-engraved with your call sign or emblem, and you can also put a message on the inside lid if you want to have a love note written on the inside, just for your special someone to see!

Now featuring two variations: Refurbished Vs. Authentic. Getting feedback from our customers is imperative. Here’s what you’ve told us: ‘I would never want a refurbished one, I’d only want a battle-warn, authentic, used-and-seen-some-action can! Like I saw when I was in the service!’ So all that time we spent making some of these pretty, and you’d rather have them with a bit of rust, and bang-ups on there? Oh. We had no idea. Why did we kill ourselves to make them look like new? Wish we’d had this conversation earlier…

So now we’re offering both kinds. You choose your favorite, and that’s what we’ll ship to you! Authentic or Refurbished.

How do we get these? Well the military uses them in combat. When they are emptied and no longer needed they are shipped to a Military Surplus location and auctioned off. We paid for them, drove for hours to go get the suckers and bring them back. Then they were rinsed and cleaned by our local Marine recruits!

Each Ammo Can Humidor was then dried with an air-gun and left out to dry in the hot Florida sun.

When finished baking, they are lined with Spanish Cedar, which is ordered from a local wood mill, cut by hand and installed by a Veteran, making each purchase a great way to support the men and women of the armed forces. (Ordering from a military surplus auction, ALSO a great way to support the military).

You don’t go into battle unprepared, and you shouldn't go into a weekend unprepared, either. Pick up this humidor and you’ll be ready for whatever backyard relaxation requires. Or take the Ammo Can with you on your next adventure - its airtight and watertight features make this the perfect humidor to brave the elements with you! Even if it's just on your boat fishing!

  • Glass Faced Analog Hygrometer
  • Bead Based Humidifier
  • Super Tight Seal

Additional Information

Additional Information

Length (inches) 11
Width (inches) 5.75
Height (inches) 7
Moneyback Guarantee 30 Days
Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer CheapHumidors
Cigar Capacity 60
Humidor Trays 1
Humidifier Included Yes
Humidifier Type Foam
Hygrometer Included Yes
Hygrometer Type Analog
Hygrometer Location Internal


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